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March 2024 - Regency for Expats │CSR

Regency Assurance Empowers Koh Jum School Children on Thailand's National Children's Day

In January 2024, Regency Assurance reaffirmed its commitment to community development by participating in the National Children's Day celebrations at Koh Jum School in Thailand.

October 2023 -

Regency Employee Benefits Crowned "Best International Employee Benefits Provider" at the Manage HR Awards

This accomplishment underscores our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and our relentless pursuit of innovation in the benefits landscape.

February 2023 - Regency for Expats │CSR

Thai Royal Family recognises Regency Assurance for supporting FSCC Foundation

November 2021 - Regency for Expats │Health Insurance

Hip replacement insurance: A personal story

By Mark Desmond Hughes, a Regency for Expats Member

November 2021 - Regency for Expats │CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility

Regency Assurance is proud to release its Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge in support of the United Nations Global Compact.

October 2021 - Regency for Expats │CSR

The Regency Community has spoken

Recognising the need for global community involvement and to play a part in making a difference, Regency Assurance asked their members, partners, clients and staff to be involved in one of the largest projects to date.

September 2021 - Regency for Expats │Nutrition Consultation

Amazing Secrets to Tone Down Burnout Through Food

Dealing with burnout can be a challenge that can impact your productivity. Regency for Expats nutritionists reveal how to manage burnout through food and live a happier life.

August 2021 - Regency for Expats │Global Security Benefits

Regency for Expats Employs Ex-Metropolitan Police and Military Personnel

Securing your safety while travelling or living abroad is a must. Regency for Expats provides Global Security as part of its International Health Insurance Policy. This allows you to travel and live in a foreign country with peace of mind.

August 2021 - Regency for Expats │Complimentary Nutrition Benefits

The Secrets to Balancing Your Weight Without Compromising Your Cravings

Lose weight without feeling guilty when sufficing your cravings. Nutritionists share secrets to losing weight without giving up on your favourite dishes.

April 2021 - Regency for Expats │Complimentary Fitness Benefits

10 Nutrition Trends in 2021

The year 2020 brought hardships and change for many people around the globe, and our everyday habits and behaviours have dramatically shifted.

March 2021 - Regency for Expats │Complimentary Fitness Benefits

Why are Regency’s personal trainers amongst the best in the business? – Interview

The way we all exercise has changed. Staying fit and healthy has never been so important. Who better to advise, guide and support us than Regency’s Lead Fitness Consultant?

March 2021 - Regency for Expats │Complimentary Fitness Benefits

Complimentary Fitness Benefits

It’s March, the New Year’s Resolutions are well and truly out the window, plus COVID hasn’t helped. What could possibly motivate us to get back on track and hit the gym again?

August 2018 - Regency for Expats │10 short exercises to do at your desk

10 short exercises to do at your desk

Sitting in a chair all day, staring at a computer, is just not natural for us humans. It’s not only unnatural behaviour, it’s also bad for your health. Unsurprisingly, people who sit for more than 6 hours a day are prone to weight problems, cardio vascular disease and shorter lifespans.

August 2018 - Regency for Expats │8 places people live the longest

8 places people live the longest

Researchers throughout our history have sought high and low to establish the fabled “fountain of youth”. While said fountain has yet to be discovered, there are certain places around the globe where people live much longer that the average worldwide of around 70 years.

July 2018 - Regency for Expats │Is our obsession with healthy fats hurting us?

Is our obsession with healthy fats hurting us?

It should come as no surprise that we need to eat a range of food groups to remain healthy, and in the past few years, study after study has highlighted the need for us to integrate so called “good” fat into our diet.

July 2018 - Regency for Expats │10 Best Health Apps.

10 best health apps

Embarking on a new fitness regime of clean eating is never easy. But with technology literally at our fingertips in the form of our mobiles, we´re lucky enough to have a wealth of apps desperate to help us on the journey to weight loss, improved fitness, mental clarity or generally living a healthier and happier life.

April 2018 - Regency for Expats │Employee health insurance benefits.

Why international medical insurance is the smartest benefit you can offer

Why international medical insurance is the smartest benefit you can offer

April 2018 - Regency for Expats │Mandatory health insurance in Ecuador

Ecuador Tourism Ministry to enforce mandatory health insurance for foreigners

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Ecuador this year you better make sure you have an international health insurance policy in place. As from 1st May 2018, all foreigners wishing to enter the country (including the Galapagos Islands) must provide proof of coverage.

March 2018 - Regency For Expats

5 Reasons Being Globally Mobile is Good for Mental Health

We can all agree that a refreshing vacation is good for mental health, but do the positive effects still apply if you have to take your work with you? Today the globally mobile population is rising. Corporations deploy employees overseas to grow new business and remote working arrangements allow workers to travel the world while staying connected to the office on their laptop.

March 2018 - Regency For Expats

Exercise for better sleep

Insomnia is a serious global problem that we are now desperate to solve. The sleep aids market was valued at over $49m in 2016 but this is expected to double in size by 2022, as millions of people worldwide lay awake with sleep disorders, quite often caused by stress and sometimes over the counter remedies can do more harm than good.

February 2018 - Regency For Expats

Can a positive attitude reduce your health risks?

According to a new study, it can! A new paper published in the States showed that those who adopted a sunny attitude to the ageing process were 50 per cent less likely to get dementia; a disease marked by memory loss and the inability to perform basic tasks.

February 2018 - Regency For Expats

Is your office job ruining your health?

Most of us sit for hours a day at a computer screen. Blinking tiredly into the blue tint of the screen, straining our eyes to read dozens of emails. Rarely leaving our desks unless to grab another caffeine hit or take a bathroom break.

January 2018 - Regency For Expats

10 ways to relax without alcohol in January

How is dry-January going for you? Ditching alcohol in the new year has gained popularity around the world as more and more people jump on the wagon and work to feel fresher, healthier and save money after the gluttony of December.

December 2017 - Regency For Expats

How to find more energy, fast

More energy. We all need it but why is it so difficult to achieve? If you have a busy family life, a hectic work schedule and friends and family to keep up with, we´re sure you´re searching everywhere to find a little extra boost to keep up with everything, especially since your last lie-in was more likely in the last decade rather than last week.

December 2017 - Regency For Expats

5 health trends to look out for in 2018

With 2018 around the corner, here comes the slew of new trends. When it comes to our health and what we put on our plates there are a few trends set to break in the new year which could surprise you. Here, we round up our five favourites.

December 2017 - Regency For Expats

Can You Eat to Beat Cancer?

One third of us will develop cancer at some stage in our lives. There are numerous strains of cancers with varying causes, but the majority of medical practitioners will say that eating a balanced diet packed full of nutrient rich foods could help prevent cancer and help recovery should you fall sick.

December 2017 - Regency For Expats

Get FIT now, so that you don´t get FAT at Christmas

With Christmas in just a couple of weeks, our attention has turned to presents, parties, enjoying (or loathing) time spent with family and an all-round good knees-up.