Life Insurance FAQs

Making a claim on your life insurance policy

As a leading international life insurance provider Regency for Expats works with a dedicated team of professionals who can assist in every aspect of dealing with a death either overseas or in your home country.

Can you arrange for a body to be repatriated?

Yes, Regency for Expats will release funds and provide access to experienced international funeral directors who can take care of the paperwork, legal, religious and cultural issues associated with repatriating a body.

How can a claim be made on my Life Insurance policy?

The first step of the claims process is complete the claim form and to send it to Regency together with the Certified Copy of the Death Certificate (or similar official notification depending upon the country). Alternatively, you can contact our 24-hour claims helpline or email us at [email protected] to request assistance.

What information is required to start the claims process?

Once you have completed the Beneficiary Claim Form you will need to return it to us together with a certified copy of the death certificate.

Information required by our claims team:

  • Name of insured
  • Certificate of Insurance (policy) number
  • Date of death
  • Date of birth and/or Social Security number (SSN) of deceased
  • Certified copy of death certificate
How long will it take to process an International Life Insurance claim?

The progress of a claim can vary depending upon the circumstances of individual cases, how quickly we receive the necessary information and whether there are any complications. In general, should you fulfil our terms and conditions, Death Benefit can be paid in 2 stages; an upfront payment and then the remainder will be paid between 30 and 90 days. We will keep you updated with the progress each step of the way.

What happens once a claim has been accepted?

Upon acceptance of your Regency for Expats’ International Life Insurance claim we can initiate a prompt upfront payment and provide practical assistance. Regency for Expats 24-hour international assistance can manage the financial, administrative and legal aspects on the beneficiary’s behalf.

What if I change my mind? Is there a ‘Cooling-Off’ Period?

Please read and fully understand the terms, conditions, and exclusions of this policy. If for any reason you feel that this cover or this policy is not suitable for you, you can cancel your policy and receive a full refund of any premiums paid. You must contact Regency for Expats within 14 days of the purchase of this policy and not have made a claim in order to receive a refund.

What is Death Benefit?

This is the Life Insurance payment to the next of kin or estate following the death of the insured person. The sum received will be stated in the Certificate of Insurance.

Some insurance experts suggest that you purchase five to eight times your current income. However, it is better to go through the above questions to figure a more accurate amount.

Does the named beneficiary need to have an insurable Interest?

No. If you buy a policy on your own life, you become the owner of the policy. As the owner, you can name anyone as beneficiary, even a stranger!

Does Regency for Expats’ Life Insurance assist unaccompanied minors?

Yes, Regency for Expats is the only international Life Insurance provider to offer Child Chaperone benefits. This means that funds can be released to pay for family members or guardians to collect the children and return them to their country of origin or choice.

Why do I need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance policies are one of the most effective methods of planning for a safe financial future for your loved ones after you have gone. In the event of your death, the Death Benefit payable to your beneficiary will allow them to maintain the standard of living that they are accustomed to. Regency for Expats’ Life Insurance benefits also include vital services such as 24-hour assistance, repatriation, bereavement counselling, child chaperone services and much more, thereby relieving them of the hassle and upset of dealing with the practicalities of a death overseas.

How should I assess the amount of Regency for Expats Life Insurance cover I need?

The amount of death benefit your beneficiary will receive will be specified in your Certificate of Insurance. In order to ascertain the correct amount for specific circumstances, here are some useful points to take into account.

  • How much income do I provide for my family?
  • How would my survivors get by in the event of my death?
  • How will my family pay school fees in the event of my death?
  • How will my family manage the logistics and get access to money if I were to die?
  • Is there someone (family or friends) who I want to leave money to?
  • How will my family afford to pay any taxes due after my death?
Is my Life Insurance policy valid if I die in another country?

Yes, Regency for Expats is currently the only Life Insurance supplier to provide policies with ‘geographical extension’ benefits. This means that no matter where you are resident when you contract Regency for Expats’ Life Insurance, the policy will still be valid should you die in another country.

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